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Sick As - Limited Edition High Shredroom

Sick As - Limited Edition High Shredroom


It is the distant, far-off year of 2018. Cleanness and transparency rules the land - but in the rebellious encampment of Sydney, Australia, one brand dares to defy the status quo to bring you... High Shredroom.
(Because calling it the "Sick-er As" seemed wrong somehow.)

Based on their modern-classic that is the Sick As Overdrive, the High Shredroom Edition was designed by Bondi Effects in conjunction with Earthling Designs, who had the following to say about the pedal:

"By narrowing the mid-range focus of the circuit, opening up the top and
bottom end and pushing the gain almost past sensibility, we made the
Sick As more shreddy, articulate and aggressive.
In developing these mods, one particular parameter that we felt was
imperative in achieving the tone was a cutting upper mid-range, often an
identifying factor of jacked-up M-Word amps and California gain monsters

These are a small batch limited run, and there are only a handful left so get one while you can!