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Can I come by your workshop?

Sure! Our workshop is in Darlinghurst, about 10 mins walk from the Sydney CBD. Just be sure to schedule an appointment with our CONTACT form. Our typical open hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.


Are your prices in USD or AUD?

All prices are displayed in USD.


I am in Australia, can I pay in AUD?

Sure, that works out better for us as well. Just send us an email in the contact form requesting to pay in AUD and we will give you a price based on the current conversion rate. Payments must be made by bank-transfer or cash.


Can I get a tax-invoice?

Sure, just send us an email and we can send you one.


Can you mark as a gift on a customs form? 

Not if you are buying it. 


Does the shipping price include customs duties?

No. All customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

For more shipping info please see our shipping page.


Can I use a higher voltage power supply on my Bondi Effects Pedal?

We'd rather you didn't tbh. There's nothing worse than a brand new pedal that has been turned into a brick. All of our products are set up to take standard 9V DC centre negative power, and plugging in higher voltage will risk damaging your pedal and voiding the warranty.