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GØRVA Design C65 Enclosure

GØRVA Design C65 Enclosure


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Bondi Effects is now distributing GØRVA Design enclosures in Australia! For more information get in touch with us through our contact form. All prices on our site are listed in USD, but get in touch and we'll be happy to send over an invoice in AUD. 

GØRVA Design C65 enclosure has similar dimensions to 125B and measures 120mm [4.72"] x 65mm [2.56"] x 39 mm [1.54"] 

Data sheet: PDF

Printing/drilling template: PDF  SVG

DIY drilling template: Top: PDF  SVG  Face/Sides: PDF  SVG


  • Slightly beveled top and rounded corners for high quality look. 
  • Tight fit and small gap between the enclosure and lid. 
  • Undercut boss allows more internal room for more flexible layout. 
  • Smooth, eggshell-like matte powder coating. 
  • Recessed bottom lid