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And We're Back

Posted by Jon Ashley on

We are very excited to announce that at long last, the Sick As Overdrive is back in stock!

If you've been following us over the past year, you may know that last October we moved back home to Sydney, Australia. We have been working to set up shop all year,  while Disaster Area Designs have graciously handled our production for us, and we are excited to announce that this is the first batch of pedals we have built here in Sydney!

We've spent the year setting up new suppliers, learning the local regulations for running a business, and learning new skills. In our last blog we detailed some of the results of what Jon has been learning this year with our new and improved switches. We have also begun silk-screening each pedal ourselves, here in our Darlinghurst workshop. Did we mention we have a new workshop? Come on by! All of this has given us more control over our products than ever before and we couldn't be happier with the results!

You may have also seen some teaser posts about our new pedal, the 2026 Compressor. We're getting closer with that, and at this stage it's looking like the release date will be in late January but keep your eyes peeled for some more details we will be releasing over the next couple months.

Stay tuned! Thanks for being part of the journey with us.

Have a good one!

Jon & Anna

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